Good Friday and Easter Monday-March/April

The date is celebrated by Christians all over the world. It symbolizes the arrest, torture, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a time to reflect on the cost of redemption of mankind from sin. During the celebrations, it is common to think about the paradise in the garden of Eden, the fall of man into sin and subsequent dismissal from the garden.

Make the day an occasion to think about how we have plundered the ‘paradise’ we inherited from our ancestors. We have cut down the forests, degraded wetlands and destroyed the atmosphere and the ozone layer. There is need to regain the ‘original’ paradise. We need to sacrifice some of our needs for the sake of rehabilitation of our degraded world.

Suggested activities

  • Visit places that have ‘Naturalness’ such as nearby forest, national park ,botanic garden and the arboretum. Think of how wonderful the place is as compared to other disturbed areas. Write a poem/story to describe your feelings about the natural environment you have visited.
  • Compose songs, poems and drama to express what Jesus would have felt if he visited us. Discuss this in relation to interaction between the environment and people.
  • Draw and paint what you like best in the environment and what you hate most. Organize for an art exhibition at the local school or community centre.
  • Offer special prayers for the environment.
  • Write an essay or summary notes on how you celebrated Good Friday/Easter holiday. Publicize your success on this blog.

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