World Press Freedom Day – 3rd May – Environmental dimension

The day came about after complaints of intimidation of and harassment to African publishers and journalists were raised at a UNESCO conference held in Namibia on 3rd May 1991. The date was recognized by the United Nations in 1993.

The press is the medium through which day to day affairs of mankind are reported, analyzed and debated. It serves as a voice of the people in their daily dialogue with those in authority and in society. It has been noted that some governments look at the press as an enemy rather than as a partner. Many journalists have been mistreated, harassed, jailed and even killed for reporting government’s excesses and abuses. The day is set aside to reflect on the violations against the media.

There are many things happening in the society that are not reported. We have the ability to start local journalist groups to report what happens locally more accurately and with more details. We can exchange our publications with others from other catchment areas. This can make us know more about our environment.

Suggested Activities

• Form a journalism club.
• Consider how environmental issues are reported in the daily newspapers, radio and television and comment/discuss about them.
• Write an article about your enviroment for publication
• Make locally based environmental magazine to report on local issues.
• Exchange your magazine with other schools/community groups from other regions.
• Write an essay or summary notes on how you celebrated the World Press Freedom Day. Publicise your success on this blog.

For further information, contact:

The Media Council of Kenya (
Local Newspapers such as the Daily Nation ( and East African Standard (;
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (

@Ayub Macharia 2014

One thought on “World Press Freedom Day – 3rd May – Environmental dimension

  1. To mark this year’s World Press Freedom Day, I attended the Kenyan Blog Awards ceremony at Hotel Intercontinental. I was excited about the event because it helped me to celebrate freedom of expression. Blogging helps me to speak out my thoughts to a global audience. This makes me feel great.

    About the event, it’s well attended, many young people. They seem to know and like what they do. I guess each of them has a blog. If so, the wealth of ideas that is shared in the room is just astounding. I wish we could follow each other to learn these nice ideas.

    I was lucky to sit next to the winning team for the best photography blog ( Just the seat in front of me sat the winner for the best food blog ( It feels nice being surrounded by winners. It’s assuring.

    You can hence guess the kind of evening I had. And the joy of celebrating the World Press Freedom Day in style.


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