Madaraka Day -1st June

Madaraka’ is a Kiswahili term for liberty. On 1st June 1963, Kenya became a self ruling state. Kenyans wanted full independence but the colonial government was not ready for that. Through lengthy discussions, a negotiated constitutional arrangement was made that allowed independence to granted in two phases beginning with Madaraka and then independence Day (refer Jamhuri Day)

This day marks a turning point to Kenya’s democracy. It was a great achievement for a country that had shed a lot of blood to capture this freedom. This freedom calls for responsibility to care for our families, our land. It calls for justice, truth and love for one another as well as for the environment.

Suggested activities

  1. Visit the local center where the Madaraka Day celebrations are held.
  2. Organize and participate in activities such as planting trees to make the day memorable.
  3. Compose songs, drama, and initiate debates about Madaraka Day and what people are supposed to do to make the day colourful. Explain the role of the natural environment during the struggle for independence.
  4. Organize for a storytelling session by the elders to share their experiences during colonial times and the struggle for freedom.
  5. Discuss in groups whether the local community portrays adequate responsibility to one another, members of the family, community and to the land where they live.
  6. Write an essay or summary notes on how you celebrated Madaraka. Day publicise your success on this blog.

For further Information, contact:

The local administration such as the Sub-Chief, Chief, Sub County Officer, County Commissioner

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