Fathers Day

Fathers Day is marked every 3rd Sunday of June. The celebrations are thought to have started in 1909. The day entails expressing gratitude to fathers by giving them gifts and greeting cards. In many countries, very little is known about the day. However it has been noted that some shops stock gifts for the occasion. The day can be made more meaningful by using materials from the environment as well as encouraging fathers to pay attention to local environment issues.

 Suggested activities

  • Invite fathers to school to have a fun day with their children.
  • Present gifts that have some message about the environment to your father.
  • Compose songs, poems and drama about fathers.
  • Have some time out with your father to the museum, national park, or to any good restaurant and remind him that ‘it’s father’s day’. Tell him your feeling about what he does for you. Ask him his life history, the challenges of bringing up children, handling economic demands; ask him what aspiration he has for you and the environment in future etc.
  • Share your concern and hopes about the management of the environment at home, local area, national and international level.
  • Write an essay or summary notes on how you celebrated the fathers Day. Publicise your success on this blog.

    For further Information, contact:

    Ministry of Sports Culture and the Arts  (http://www.minspoca.go.ke

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