St. Valentine Day

This day is celebrated every 14th February and is regarded as a day of love. The day has a history that dates to the 14th century. The day is popular for exchange of cards and rose flowers between lovers. The cards often depict love symbols such as hearts, doves and cupids. The day’s origin is not clear. One view says that it was originally known as the “ birds wedding day” since there was an old belief that birds selected their mates on that day. People borrowed this idea and made February 14 a way for declaration of love. The other view is a reflection of martyr who suffered during persecution of Christmas in Rome.

It is good also to declare love for the environment this day. A healthy environment ensures that people remain healthy to exchange love declarations during St. Valentine’s day. Healthy environment produces healthy St. Valentines roses. The St. Valentine’s cards cannot be more beautiful without a plant and usually a flower. The St. Valentine’s discussions are more wonderful when held within a natural environment while possibly tasting natural plant and animal products. The environment has a lot to offer St. Valentine’s day lovers.

Suggested activities

  • Create models , paintings and drawings of the environment you want to live with your lover. Present it to him/her.
  • Clean up your locality to ensure a clean environment for this day.
  • Compose songs, poems and drama to declare love for the environment and those very close to you.
  • Visit national parks, museums and other healthy ‘natural’ environments and reflect on the beauty of the environment.
  • Look for beautiful flowers from the environment to exchange with your lover or those very close to you.
  • Avoid use of non- biodegradable materials as gifts (cards, flowers)
  • Have a session with your teacher, parents or friends to share different feelings about St. Valentine’s day . Publicise your success on this blog.

For further Information, contact:

Ministry of Sports Culture and the Arts  (

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