Labour (Workers) Day

Labour Day is celebrated every 1st May. The day was declared a workers day in 1899 by the international socialist congress meeting in Paris France. It was first observed in Kenya in 1958 and is currently marked at national and County  level. Workers day serves as an appeal by workers for fair wages, decent working conditions, justice and sense of responsibility and caring in work paces.

Some working environments are unhealthy to people. Some people may be working in hazardous environments without wearing appropriate protective devises such as gloves, face masks and protective clothing. We should ensure that all working environments are healthy to avoid injury, disease and death.

Suggested activities

  • Let this be a week long activity for students and the community. Divide the participants in groups and assign them work within the school and in surrounding institutions such as the industry, hospital, post office, police station, the chief’s office etc. The participants should later discuss the environmental hazards that affect people at the workplace and suggest ways of minimizing or eliminating them.
  • Compose songs, drama and poems focusing on working in different places such as being a pilot, nurse, farmer etc.
  • Organize an art competition to depict the plight of Kenya workers.
  • Organize prize giving ceremony for the cleanest class and students in the school, cleanest worker in the company or individuals/groups/institutions that portray best environmental practice.
  • Organize for a talk on importance of hard work, time management, punctuality, setting of goals and strategies and how to achieve them.
  • Invite an expert to discuss about development of Environmental Management System or policy for your institution or local area.
  • Write an essay or summary notes on how you celebrated the Labour Week. Publicise your success on this blog.

For further information, contact:

Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services (

Central Organization of Trade Unions (

Federation of Kenya Employers (

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