End of year Praise


We thank God Almighty, with all of our hearts
Overflowing with joy, He has been so good
Seeing us through the daylight, the nights
Providing without fail, all our needs
Not a day we suffered want, God you were so close
Showering us with joy, hope, kindness and grace

We glorify you, We Glorify You
We offer sincere thanks to you
You deserve all praise from all creation

Many lessons you set before us, everyday
Blossoms of life every morning
Plants grew, flower and fruit without delay
Animals made sweet noise, all in praise of thee

The skies were full of wonders
Stars, planets, moon, sun and ever moving clouds
Quite an awesome blend
All for us from thee

You were awesome in the waters, all around us
Rivers, swamps, lakes, the massive seas and oceans
The overhanging clouds, dropping water anywhere
As per your command
Giving life to earth, supporting us all
We give you all praise

We went through, many challenges
Heart breaking we were at the brink
We just stood and called your Holy name
You hearkened to our cry and came
Rescued us from all pains
We give you all praise

@Ayub Macharia 2014

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