The word of God is our mirror
To guide us everywhere we go
In everything we do
Let’s mirror all our engagements
On this living word

Gods “writing board”
Is the life of His people
We learn from experiences of others
Our sufferings are lessons for others
Work to be emulated

God has given us the grace
To present ourselves before Him
Studying God’s word helps us
To claim that which is ours
The limit is ourselves

Studying God’s word equips us
With goodness, knowledge
Self control, patience
Godliness, brotherly kindness
Righteousness, and perseverance

Faith in Jesus Christ helps us
Acknowledge God at all times
It helps us to avoid the decay
And corruption in the world
Makes us pure

When the Israelites entered Caanan
God could not chase their enemies away
Though he had the ability
Since the Israelites could have been
Attacked by wild animals

Your enemies are a blessing
God uses them to protect you
From wild attacks
They are your shield and buffer
They reduce your vulnerability

@Ayub Macharia 2014

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