The bible says clearly and assuredly
“The Lord is with you as long as you are with him.
If you look for him, he will let you find him,
but if you turn away, he will abandon you.” (2 Chronicles‬ ‭15‬:‭1-5‬ GNB)

When God ordered Israelites to leave Mount Sinai
He also clarified to Moses that He would not walk with them
Since they were stubborn, He feared He may consume them (Exodus33:3)
But Moses pleaded with God, saying that they would not move,
Till He walked with them, because he knew God’s presence
Would distinguish them from any other people on earth.” (‭Exodus‬ ‭33‬:‭15-16‬ GNB)
God agreed not to just walk with them, but also give them rest

Lord, when you walk with us, your heavenly glory trails us
We receive your glory, which makes us radiate, shine like stars
You also give us rest, trouble free lives, families, homes,
rest from our enemies such as Ebola, terrorism, everything we do
Wherever there has not been rest, in finances, lack of righteousness, God will give us rest
We just need to wait upon Him and see His deliverance
God will give us rest, for His presence will walk with us
When favor of God comes, you shine at place of work, village, everywhere

Your servant Asa cried to you and you gave him victory
Asa prayed, “O Lord, you can help a weak army as easily as a powerful one.
Help us now, O Lord our God, because we are relying on you,
and in your name we have come out to fight against this huge army.
Lord, you are our God; no one can hope to defeat you.”(‭2 Chronicles‬ ‭14‬:‭11-12‬ GNB)
The Lord defeated Asa’s enemies and they fled.

“For a long time Israel lived without the true God,
without priests to teach them, and without a law.
But when trouble came, they turned to the Lord, the God of Israel.
They searched for him and found him.
In those days no one could come and go in safety,
because there was trouble and disorder in every land.” (‭2 Chronicles‬ ‭15‬:‭1-5‬ GNB)

In the past, God manifested himself through the Ark of covenant box
Later, He manifested Himself personally through Jesus Christ
Today, He manifests Himself in the Holy Ghost

Search and see how The Lord has made you prosper in many fronts,
Let’s get concerned, that we have grown in the spiritual front,
That we have consistently sought God, not forsaken Him,
That we have sought God with all our heart, through prayer,
That we have allowed His Word to dwell richly in us
Prayer opens our understanding, allowing for the Word of God to dwell richly in us
The Word of God cleanses us

Moses prayed God, “teach me thy ways so that I may know thee”
When we know His ways through His word
God will walk with us, and His Glory will be felt wherever we are
God assured Joshua that He will walk with him just like Moses
But He warned Joshua to obey His Word and never turn away from it
Our role is to know God’s ways
When we seek Him, we will find Him
But finding God is conditional,
To know His ways, obey and serve Him
Then His presence will walk with us and guide us always
Remove obstacles, make us fearless, have joy

We should teach the word of God wherever we are (Deutronomy 6:1)
Since it dwells in us richly, and God’s glory will walk with us
Go ye and make all people my disciples, teaching them to obey whatever I have taught you, and I will be with you till the end of ages (Mathew 28:19)
Teach the word of God diligently

Let’s obey and serve God,
Those who obey God and serve him, they live out their lives in peace and prosperity. (‭Job‬ ‭36‬:‭11‬ GNB)
We can’t just stop at reading and believing the word of God
Enoch walked with God till he was no more (Hebrews 11:5)
Enoch pleased God, but we have no candid examples of his works
A church can have many Enoch’s,
Who diligently stay in the presence of God
Attend prayers and sing
But they do not offer any service

Elijah worked, served and Glorified God
It’s good to display our legacy and hence glorify God
Serving God serves as the climax of the presence of God in us
Anybody serving God will be honored
“Whoever wants to serve me must follow me,
so that my servant will be with me where I am.
And my Father will honour anyone who serves me. (‭John‬ ‭12‬:‭26‬ GNB)
There is nothing as good as being honored by God,
His blessings will follow you and everyone will know it
Everyone will call you blessed

When God’s presence goes with us
He will anoint you with the oil of gladness more than your companions. (‭Psalms‬ ‭45‬:‭7‬ NKJV)
You will be a blessing and gift wherever you go, to your family, employer,
God’s favor, protection, support walks with you
God will support you directly, not through others

Those who God’s presence moved with did mighty things
David could not fight using Saul’s garments, they were too heavy (1Samuel 17:38)
God’s garments were light, he confronted Goliath with the name of The Lord
Even though he was despised and mocked by his brothers (1 Samuel 17:28)
Asking him where he left the goats
He did not fear Goliath, he knew his God
Our strategy is only to seek God’s kingdom and it’s righteousness
and all other things shall be added unto us (Mathew 6:33)

Devil will continually attack you,
he has courage even to come to church
Satan even goes to heaven
Satan wants to block us from God’s presence

When God’s presence is with us, the hosts of heaven follow us
When Elisha was attacked by King of Syria
They surrounded Elisha at night
His servant saw the army and called out “master’
Elisha prayed that his servant may see
the heavenly army surrounding Elisha
God’s presence was with Elisha (2Kings 6:16)

The son of a king, is ever followed by security detail
Even when he is least aware, security is there
Even us, heavenly hosts always follows us
God has said “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee”.
The Lord will always be with us wherever we seek Him
But if we forsake Him, He will forsake us
God has given us a golden opportunity, to walk with us always.

Inspiration by Moses Kinya
@Ayub Macharia, January 2015

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