No doping


Consider diverse sporting events,
Participants practice fervently,
Competing for a perishable prize,
In all sporting events, consistent training is mandatory,
Sportsmen practice every morning through evening,
Focussing keenly on the prize,
A grand prize, reserved for the best, the winner,
For us Christians, God has reserved a prize,
Developed specially for the conquests of faith,
An imperishable crown.

Be on watch, sustain the tempo, focus on the prize,
In a race, the kick is crucial, so is it’s sustenance,
Winners boast of both,
Let us sustain the faith attained when we accepted Christ,
Beware the devil will strive to hold you not to finish the race,
Satan will use people, those close to you may be your obstacle,
To convince you to uncertainty, to abandon the race,
God encourages us to run in such a way as to win the race,
By being temperate in all things,
Being disciplined, not throwing aimless punches (1 Corinthians 9:24-27)

Some sportsmen dope, cheat to win the prize,
Alas, dopers are judged harshly and denied the prize,
Christians need not consider any shortcuts,
Our God is holy, we must be likewise,
Without blemish, lack or counterfeit,
Practice every day, cleansing of our sins,
Through prayer, repentance and confession,
Disciplining our body to bring it to subjection,
Preaching to others, but being alert not to be disqualified.

Inspiration from Daniel Ndirangu
@ Ayub Macharia, January 2015

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