Never forget

Let’s not forget, the long journey we have walked through,
Moses reminded children of Israel that all will go well (Deutronomy 8:10-18)
They’d multiply, get more land, livestock, silver and gold
Reminded them how God gave them manna,
Which none of their forefathers had seen before
Reminded them of the terrible things they had gone through
But God had been faithful, giving them prosperity
He warned them, God will continue to bless them,
If only they do not forget Him,

God has blessed people differently,
Some have great ideas, but which never become fruitful
It is not how innovative we are that we have gone this far
It is God who has been with us this far, not our effort
Had God switched off from paying attention to us
We could have gone astray, failed to achieve our goals
Let’s thank God for everything, it’s Him who has taken us this far
All glory, all honor to our Almighty God

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