Don’t spare

Children of Israel were attacked on their way to Canaan
Amalekites presented a great obstacle God instructed King Saul,
to destroy everything belonging to Amalekites on their way,
The men,women, children, livestock (1Samuel 15:3)

But the Israelites spared King Agag of Amalek
Together with some livestock
To use during sacrifices
God was unhappy and regretted Saul’s leadership
Soon after, God allowed an evil spirit to get into Saul,
He remained grieved, unsettled, did not trust anybody

Amalekites remained a thorn in the fresh for Israelites
Very troublesome neighbors, mounting attacks
In days of Queen Esther, they planned to finish all Jews (Esther 3:9)
A traumatizing moment indeed, that could have been avoided
Had Saul taken heed of God’s words those early days

To all, God has given us orders, which we have to follow
Rebellion from these orders, makes the Holy Spirit to leave us
Holy Spirit is the seal that has been put in us
Holy Spirit does not have a tradition of leaving and coming back
Once He leaves, He doesn’t come back
We’ll left alone, very vulnerable to destruction

Recall the many commandments God has given us,
Let us walk as per God’s commands, rest we stir His anger
Rest we grief the Holy Ghost
Avoid bad company, it destroys good morals

If you fail to finish what God has commanded you
God will not come to finish them
It’s a choice, not autonomic
If not removed, these things will be a thorn in us
To attack, defile and defeat us
Leading us to final ultimate destruction

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