Acquiring a NEMA license made easy

NEMA has automated the entire licensing process since 2013. Applicants now submit everything online. The facility is only available for all NEMA licenses. The applicant is expected to visit the NEMA website. Go to the licensing portal. For you to use the portal, you are supposed to register your details and press submit. All license applications can be submitted online for Nairobi region but this facility is not available at the counties currently. Hence one has to submit hard copies at the counties for consideration. Within 24 hours, NEMA will send the applicant a user name and password to his/her email. Keep the username and password safely as you will use the same during application of new licenses or renewal of the same. Use the username and password provided log in. Select the kind of license you need and submit all relevant documents as prompted by the system. Once you submit, the system will give you a user ID which you can use to track progress in licensing process. The SMS and email to acknowledge receipt is sent to the project proponent and the EIA expert immediately. In the processing stage, every movement is recorded and is continually recorded in the system. When the license is ready, an SMS is sent from NEMA to request the applicant to collect the license. You can check on the status of your report via sms by sending project ID to SMS code 22290

7 thoughts on “Acquiring a NEMA license made easy

  1. I can’t be able to login to the portal. I have tried several times with no success. I even tried to recover my password but nothing good came out of it. Help please.


  2. Why do NEMA officers at the county level charge exorbitant fee for doing an EIA for simple rural house? It is unfair to charge a peasant farmer KES 60000-100000. A residential house is not a project not unless the gvt just wants to impoverish Kenyans. We are already overtaxed.


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