Bride of Christ

First step in marriage is knowing each other
Many people take long at engagement stage
Long engagement may lead to boredom

After engagement is paying of dowry
Jesus has already paid the price
With His grace and blood
Jesus had a lot of conflict with satan
He was bruised, killed to secure us

Ephesians 5:22, Wives submit to your husbands as to The Lord
Rev 19, 21 expands at length about the bride of Christ
The bride must confess her love for Christ
Assure that you will love, hear, obey Him
The wedding dress are the good righteous deeds
Without righteousness, the bride will not be appropriately dressed

What did Jesus teach about marriage?
One young boy said “forgive them God,
for they don’t know what they are doing”
Is it true that there are some in marriage
Who don’t know what they are doing?

In marriage, there is exchange of vows
We must work, sustain and fulfill our vows
The Samaritan woman was married to many husbands
She never sustained vows from any husband
Jesus is keen on vows each one makes to Him
Everything we do must be to Glorify Jesus
We should adopt our new name “Mrs Jesus”
Those in marriage must treat each other like “King and Queen”

Inspiration by Bro Zachary Wandaro

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