God has revealed several things to us, but has kept many in secret. Since creation, God decreed how the world shall be. What is happening now is just implementation. He told Jeremiah that He has good plans for each one of us.

God reveals those secrets prov25:5 the secrets of God are unto those who fear Him. Job 12:25 God reiterates about those he reveals secrets to.

God des not reveal those secrets at a go. We cannot comprehend them at a go. Things that God revealed on earth were just a portion of the many that He had. But said that when the Spriit comes He will continue revealing.

King of Kings glories in those secrets. When Jesus came to earth, He only revealed a portion of what he was allowed to. John 15:15. Jesus is party to these secrets, He was there when the secrets were conceived. He however was under command to only reveal a few.

When Jesus was about to finish His work John 17:17 He indicated that He had revealed what he was expected to. There are hidden things that belong to God eg the day of His coming is only known to God. The day when each one of us will depart from this world is not known.

There are physical and spiritual things that have been decreed / designed which God only brings when we could understand them. Electricity was discovered by Michael Farad, since earlier generations could not comprehend it. Isaac newton is the father of modern physics, such as planes flying. These things were there before creation of the world. Even TV screens were decreed long time ago. Faster communication did not come recently but only came to our generation when God knew that we could now understand.

There are spiritual secrets revealed to us, and are a blessings to us and our children over many generations. Ps79:19 we your people, we may bring forth praises from generations to generations. We are there to transfer things that have been revealed to us since they are to benefit many generations.

There are transfer protocols to ensure transfer of information just like in ICT. When one googles there is information protocol to us. Even spiritual issues embrace protocols. 1Tim 1 Paul rejoices about faith in Timothy that was same as those of his forefathers. Faith was transferred from forefathers to current generation. Timothy was reminded about faith in her grandmother Loyce to Eunice and then to Timothy.

Paul had seen Timothy’s generation and could see transition of faith unchanged till Timothy. This means that both women imparted the faith to the next generation. How good it would be if this generation could be likewise. 2Timothy 2 provides protocol of faith. We should commit things of God to faithful men. Loice and Eunice were faithful. Some of us have inherited the faith from our parents.

The transfer must be deliberate, intentional and purposed. Deut 1:6 teach these things deliberately to your children. You’ll be transferring faith from one generation to another and must be done deliberately. And you shall speak them while seated, walking, working. This will enable faith to transition to other generations. Let people learn from us through our jobs.

We should strive to become models of Christ. Paul said “imitate me as I imitate Christ” Christ is our ultimate model. It lived with Peter, Paul, Timothy, Titus and all the way unto ourselves.

Paul singles out women who are considered to have a bigger ministry to model children in the ways of God. Let children pray in the evening, as they go to school. Even when they are late, say the grace as they walk out of the house.

When Ezra stood to speak to people Ezra 7:10 people stood from morning to evening because Ezra had studied and understood the word and practiced it. When we say we need to be righteous, we have to live it. If we say we have to give to the work of God, you must be on the forefront. Practice something before you teach it. For Ezra had devoted himself to reading the word of God diligently. When you understand the word, practice it and then teach and transfer.

In the old days, the word of God was written in the scrolls, then books, now soft copies. But the Word needs to be written in the heart. An elder John Kaguthi (from Kenya, now deceased) said he was taught the bible by God. He was illiterate. He used to correct those reading from the soft or hard copy by reading it from his heart.

To reach the youth now, the method is changing but the principle is the same. Faith comes by hearing and hearing from the word of God. You have to confess it and then you will be saved. The applicable principle must be upheld. Sin cannot be washed by anything else but the blood of Jesus.

Job’s wife is the one who declared him as a man of integrity. She asked “shall you continue with your integrity?” How joyous it would be that other people would say that you were a person of integrity.

Inspiration by Bro Moses Kinya

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