The narrow path

The world today is full of challenges, with many dynamic changes
The global village exposes us to be influenced from many quarters
Christians are not exempted from the dynamism of global change

Jesus instructs us to search for the narrow path (Mathew 7:13-27)
The wide road leads to destruction, and many people use it
Which road are you following?
The narrow path is difficult to find, only a few are lucky to find it

It doesn’t mean because you are in church, that you have found the narrow path
Evaluate yourself, have you found the narrow path?
During the great day,many will tell Jesus, “Lord, Lord, didn’t we prophesy in Your name, drive out demons in Your name, and do many miracles in Your name? ’ Then I will announce to them, ‘I never knew you! Depart from Me, you lawbreakers!”(‭Matthew‬ ‭7‬:‭22-23‬ HCSB)

Today, with the many challenges in the world
Those people who can perform miracles are held in high regard
But they may not have qualified to follow the narrow path
It’s not easy to walk in the narrow path
It’s not enough to speak about it
It’s a path that requires a lot of discipline
To reach the narrow gate

Inspect the environment we are living in
One needs to understand where you are coming from and where you are going
What to take and what to leave behind
What to do and to avoid
When to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’

Think of the wide path, it’s easy to walk in it
Driving on a superhighway is very enjoyable, with no bumps, no potholes
It’s comfortable for drivers and passengers likewise
Many people use the wide road, and followers say they are saved

Are you a disciplined Christian? Do you have a personal relationship with Christ?
To find and walk the narrow path requires good relationship with Christ
Can you candidly confess “Me and Jesus, we are great friends”

We are seeing Christians lured into witchcraft, loving money too much
Some people are busy looking for worldly positions

There was once a business lady, and when she got saved
She confessed she goes to Meru (in Kenya) to be prayed for so that her business can prosper
What could be so unique with this prayer, that it could only be done at one place?

At Githurai (in Kenya) there were several coffee vendors,
One lady was selling coffee using small disposable cups
As she walked, she tripled and fell and coffee spilled
Funny things fell from the coffee pot including panties
They searched if the same was happening with other vendors,
They found another vendor’s container also contaminated with panties
The explanation given was that it leads to addiction to that coffee

Kenya has had a national campaign against illicit beer since June 2015
The public searched for the illicit beer and poured it down
Strange things like panties, old shoes, sanitary pads, dead dogs,
Also feet of slaughtered animals such as pigs were discovered
Reason given for the strange findings was to lure drunkards to addiction

The love for money is the root of evil
God is the one who gives us energy and opportunities to get money
We don’t need to use witchcraft and charms to attract customers
Let us rely on God for all our needs
Failure to do this, we shall be Christians but ignoring God’s power therein

Temptation to be “great” is a major concern
Some people do everything possible to be a great musician, artist, politician
They go to an extent of consulting charms
They get the money but loose their faith

Christians are under pressure to have the best of everything, be stylish
These desires will pull us away from the love of Christ
They will drift from the narrow path, obey the world order
The church will be full of evil cases such as pregnancies out of wedlock
The wide path justifies following these evil desires, doesn’t respect discipline
You can’t handle fire irresponsibly and fail to get burnt
Those following narrow path differ from users of the wider one.

Those in relationship with Christ deny themselves certain pleasures
They have made choices to enhance self control
Those following the narrow path, their fruits speak loudly (Mathew 7:17)
Following the narrow path is demonstrated by our deeds
Narrow path is a firm foundation, cannot be shaken by global dynamism
Not many people know the narrow path or follow it
Trusting God with all our heart and obeying Him, is the narrow path
It demands we squeeze, deny, and say no to all unrighteousness acts

Inspiration by Bro Daniel Ndirangu

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