Prophet talks only what God says
It’s essential to walk with God
God will be with us whenever we go

Mathew 6:19
Don’t store your treasures on earth where it could be damaged
Two treasures, that humanity uphold
People are busy chasing earthly treasures
Earthly treasures can rot or be stolen
Heavenly treasures endure forever
For where your treasure is, your heart dwells therein
Where have you stored your treasures?

Mathew 6:21-22 talks about what we see
Our perspective is very important
Tell God to light a lamp in you
If the light in us is darkness, and more darkness follows us
Then that darkness is great indeed

Let there be light wherever we go
Everything we do, let it shine light
The brethren who went with Elisha were lucky (2Kings 6:1-7)
When axe fell, Elisha came in handy
Since he had the light

Some people have a transactional relationship with God
Some people were following Jesus to get bread and miracles
Jesus asked the disciples if they also wished to go back
Peter said they knew Jesus had eternal life

Mathew 6:21 we cannot serve two masters
Jesus is our master
The love for money is the root of all evil
Let’s not be worried about what we shall eat, drink and dress
Learn from the birds, they don’t store food
Non believers get worried over worldly things

When you don’t store our treasure in heaven
When we don’t have the perspective of walking in the light
When we don’t treat God as our master
Then we have a problem
Who is your master?

Inspiration by Bishop Manase

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