Small sins

God gave Moses Ten Commandments (Exodus 20). He stressed importance of obeying the law of God. God stressed that they should speak, reflect and practice them always.

2Samuel 11:1-5 encourages us to beware of small, minute sins. Don’t court them, they will destroy you. David failed to be at the right place in Spring season. Spring time was appropriate for war since there was enough grass and food for horses. David failed to go to war with Ammorites and stayed behind. One day, he walked on the roof, saw a beautiful lady bathing. He called for her, made love to her and she got pregnant. David called Uriah the husband from war, and asked him funny questions. David gave him permission to go home, but twice Uriah failed to go home. Uriah refused to go home, he knew Spring was a time for war. He gave him a letter to take to Joab the army commander. The letter requested that Uriah be assigned to tough war zone, so that he could be killed.

David heard of the death of Uriah, he didn’t say anything. When Bethsheba heard her husband was dead, she mourned him. After mourning, David married Bathsheba, and everything looked okay. But before 9 months, Nathan the prophet came to David. In a word of prophesy, Nathan condemned David for killing Uriah, to be left with his wife. David accepted his sin.

We learn several lessons from David’s incident. David was idle – he should have been at war. He conceived and concealed a small sin. It started with a desire and he went ahead, and broke 4 commandments namely coveted, committed adultery, killed, falsely accused others for killing Uriah.

When we break one commandment, you break all (James 2:10). In the eyes of people, he looked okay. David ignored the little sins. In life, there are many little things people do such as stealing, jokes, cheating among others, but these normally grow into full blown sin. There is a big difference between David and others, he repented. David misused privileges given to him by God. David forgot what God had done. He gave himself excuses just like Saul did.

Excuses help to cover sins. When sins are confessed, they die. God commended David as a person after His heart. Psalms 51 David offered a prayer of repentance. He asked God for mercy. He knew God deserved inner purity that comes from the heart. David was weighed down by sin.He was an example for the vile man.

We are better when we confess our sins. Proverbs 28:13 says, he who conceals his sins will not prosper Isaiah 6:5 reminds us that my mouth speaks unpleasant things. In Luke 5:8, Peter fell on feet of Jesus and confessed he was a sinner. We should crowl to the feet of Jesus and seek forgiveness. 1Timothy 1:15 Jesus came to save sinners and Paul confessed he was a great sinner.

Inspiration by Bro Moses Kinya

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