Transformative call

A call by Jesus is sufficient, to make one leave everything
He is able to transform one from a fisherman to a fisher of men
Fishing men is more profitable, fulfilling and blessed
Their heavenly compensation is great

Blessed are them who tire, hunger and thirst for righteousness
Righteousness perseveres till eternity
Righteousness breeds purity of heart, inner peace
It transforms one to be courageous, to stand persecution
The righteous cannot give in to torture meant to uphold evil

Those ahead of us, the saints, were persecuted and won
Whatever they had was devoted to expanding the gospel
Their actions likens to a trademark within their locality
They brought glory to God through talk and deeds

Righteousness is the transformative key to the world
It’s the salt, making the world sweeter, livable
It aligns appropriately to God’s blessings
It glows, albeit like a star, a lamp on a lamp stand or on the hill top
Very appealing to the eyes of God

Salvation brings light in the hearts of men
It makes one become a light, the salt
The acts of saved people are cherished
They are children of the light, the salt
For whom is the salt and the light?
For Gods glory, and blessings to humanity

Likewise ourselves today, let’s reflect on our deeds
God has bestowed numerous blessings to us
Wisdom, strength, resources, relationships, among others
That youthful age is a gem, appealing to the world
Avoid using it for self edification, to intimidate others
All should be used for glorifying God

2 thoughts on “Transformative call

  1. Thank you sir for this awakening. It is true to recognize that without us embracing the values of the kingdom of God we cannot manage sustainably the environment we live in. Anyone who embraces these values such as integrity, sacrifice, collaboration, accountability, diligence will outlive the values of this world and become a true steward of the resources entrusted by the Master of the Universe whose name we exalt. For change to happen, “true change starts from within and works its way out” Character stands out. Its a day of reformation as God reforms His Church to express His manifold wisdom.


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