Blessed are those in unity, oneness
God hates division, those united are blessed
Blessings of longevity and peace follow them
We can’t be in division, while Trinity is united?

There is no God for certain people
He is there for us all, hence let’s be one
We are one family, same origin, parents
All bought with precious blood of Christ

God deserves righteousness, inner purity
Which breeds acceptance and love for one another
What would make us serve in God’s house eternally?
Only respect for God’s will and obeying His commands

We serve God in different geographical localities,
Our fellowship in Christ binds us all in oneness
If we do not appreciate each other on earth
How shall we live with each other in heaven?

Walls that separate us should sublimate
There should be no barriers among us
Our divisions result from minor social misconceptions
Not founded on the Word of God

The saints who lived before us enjoyed life
Read and shared similar promises we live in today
Lived and preached oneness, unity of purpose
They look at us, await to share victory with us soon

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