Great Easter

During Easter, we remember Jesus sacrifice
Shedding blood on the cross for our sins
Before crucifixion, he took bread and shared it (Luke 22:14-19)
He took the cup, gave disciples to drink it
He directed disciples to continue doing this for remembrance

Easter is a great day in the Christian calendar
Because of this day all investment by Christians
Tangible and intangible assets are justified
The change we see in Christians can be justified
Even praying to God directly, calling God our Father

During the Lords supper, Jesus shared bread and wine
Then His heart became heavy with worries
He asked his disciples to accompany him to pray
He prayed till drops of blood came from His body
While disciples were overcome by sleep

Devil wanted to delay and do away with the God’s final plan
Jesus prayed that God may remove the cup from Him
It was tough, Jesus asked God “Why have you forsaken Me?” (Mathew 26:48)
After Jesus prayed, an angel came and comforted Him
And He was able to face the cross calmly

The precious blood of Jesus was shed for us
That is our motivation
We cannot remain blameless if not by blood of Christ
The blood of Jesus makes us righteous, in earth and in heaven
We could have died from face of God

Wages of sin is death, Jesus volunteered to die for us
Our task is to ensure Christ is glorified in all we do
When difficulties come, only Christ can comfort us
In everything, determine to look for Christ and the cross
Not the symbolic cross, but willingness to glorify Christ

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