The ‘cross’ resolve

Paul was determined to know nothing among Corinthians (1Corinthians 2:2)
But Jesus Christ and him crucified
All people have areas they have prioritized
Entrepreneurship, relationships, sacrament among others
Paul reminds us to be conscious of why we do what we do
To fulfill God’s purpose for us on earth

All about life is to glorify God, all of us should prioritize it
Paul was fearful, since it was criminal to talk about the cross
People would have considered Paul a criminal,
Him not the main criminal but Jesus Christ was
His crime was that He carried our sins

Jesus was frogmarched in town, like a criminal
Jesus had no sin, He just carried ours
Jesus was sinless, He volunteered
Jesus was the most deserving
Jesus was committed to His vision

Our work is to guide people to the cross
When they reach there, Jesus will sort their challenges
Our earthly knowledge can dilute the message of Christ
Whoever we meet, let’s direct them to the cross

Let’s be passionate when explaining about the cross
Jesus blood shed on the cross was extremely precious
Paul made this message of the cross the core theme
Every of Paul’s message primary emphasis was crucifixion of Jesus
He knew if people reached the cross, all ills would disappear

Let’s not look at the gains we get from doing what we do in church
Let’s avoid “I, me and myself”
Everything God has given us is for His Glory
When we fail to talk about the cross, we are lost
Whomever we meet, direct them to the cross

Our resolve should be like Paul’s,
To build all our arguments on victory of Christ
Nothing can wash away sins than the blood of Christ
No other name can save other than Christ
No hope for sinners other than on the cross

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