Spiritual vision


How do people see? Are physical eyes able to see everything?
Not at all, physical eyes are restricted to specific wavelength ranges
Hence, we have limitations in exploring our physical world
Many things remain unknown to man

The spiritual world is also real and demands unique ways of sight
It requires spiritual eyes
Sight is through inspiration, revelation, visions
Physical and spiritual sight are different
Each gives a unique report

One of names of God is “One who sees”
What kind of eyes does God use?
David asked God to open his eyes (Psalms 118)
What is this extra thing that David wanted to see?

Ballam was on his way to curse the Israelites (Numbers 22:24-34)
On the way, the donkey could see god’s angel holding a sword
Prophet Ballam could not see the angel
The donkey tried to run away from the angel
Donkey pressed Ballam on the wall
Angel covered the whole path, donkey knelt on the path
Ballam was angry and whipped the donkey
Till the donkey spoke to Ballam
Ballam did not find anything unusual with donkey speaking his language
He spoke to donkey too and donkey responded
Till God opened Ballam’s eyes and saw the angel
Ballam was instructed not to go to curse the Israelites

Gen 20:19 Haggah agreed to have a relationship with Abraham
He got a child, and was later chased away
She carried water, but it ran out, kept child aside to die
She cried for God’s help, and her eyes were opened
She was able to see water and child survived

Luke 24 disciples of Jesus were walking to Emmaus
Jesus joined, walked and discussed with them,
They reached their home, Jesus broke bread
Their eyes were opened and Jesus disappeared

We talk a lot about Jesus, his miracles, goodness, greatness
But many of us have been walking blind
Ask simple questions like ” what is Jesus telling you to do/not to do?”
Many have no idea
When we disobey God, we lose connection with God

What makes us not to see?

1. Sin – whether Hagga had many reasons for what she did, she was blind
2. Traditions – the routine, culture, status quo may not help us to say no to ungodliness. Traditions make us compromise Godly ways.
3. Disobedience – to word of God, church elders, parents, spouses
4. Fear – we are unable to evangelize 2Kings 6:6 servant of Elisha Gehazi was blind and feared the great army. Elisha had to pray that God opens Gehazi’s eyes to see the great army of God on their side.

When eyes of brethren are opened, they see and speak great things
Spiritual eyes enables us to see the power of God
We are able to face challenges with courage
We see and own deliverance of God
We are able to behave differently

One thought on “Spiritual vision

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