Bright star

Bright stars require humans to wear a mask to observe it.
Mask hinder experiencing real light.
Sin masks us from experiencing God’s glory

The glory of God makes us radiate brightness
We are transformed into God’s likeness.
Any shortcomings diminishes the brightness

When Jesus hang on the cross,
The curtain veil at the temple split,
Nothing blocks us accessing God’s treasures and new glory

Those that have received Jesus Christ
Have been given power to become sons of God.
Not just born naturally but also spiritually

Love is a command from Jesus and is not negotiable
We should love even our enemies and pray for them
That God extends His favor to them

God is so loving and ready to attend to our trivial concerns.
His commitment is to satisfy us,
Also sustain our joy and peace now and forever

People have bad tendency to give excuses,
And blame others when some fail to perform assigned tasks
We loose precious time in worthless arguments

God’s standards are fixed and not negotiable
Humanity should be wise to comply.
God will never demote Himself to fit in human standards

Those walking with Jesus are just, loving, humble,
Prayerful, truthful, righteous, fearless, depend on God,
They don’t gossip, are careful, hate evil

One thought on “Bright star

  1. sometimes you can be too much worried in life because you have lost the communication with the creator. but the redemption part of it is always free to go back to him and live a fearless life. your writing is a great inspiration to me and I believe to others too.


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