When we abandon God’s ways
He allows us to be captured and tormented
By other authorities and powers
Who even compel us to worship their gods and statues
Nebuchadnezzar was a great leader in biblical past
He captured Israelites for disobeying God

When we seek God with all our heart,
We have fellowship with Him and confidence
Daniel was able to tell Kings dream when everyone failed,
He was God’s friend (Daniel 2)

As a result of Daniel’s interpretation
Of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (Daniel 2)
The King decided to erect a golden statue
Similar to what he dreamt, but made of gold
Intended everyone to worship his statue

In worshipping the statue, Nebuchadnezzar
Knew the power of religion in integrating people
He wanted a single religion for Babylonians
And all captured states, including Israel
To be in full control of the country

Nebuchadnezzar, held a meeting attended by dignitaries
To promulgate & worship golden statue (Daniel 3)
Everybody was to worship the statue
All who disobey to be thrown into a hot furnace

Shedrack, Misheck & Abednego, were foreigners
They chose to be vegetarians, to serve their God
On assessment, they were rated healthier
Than those who ate King’s meat.
God’s blessed diet is best (Daniel 1)

Despite King’s threats, the three refused to worship idol (Daniel 3)
They candidly expressed their dissent to the King
Declared readiness to face any consequence
Had faith in God even if He opted not to rescue them

Many opportunities to glorify God are lost
When we fail to stand firm on our faith in Jesus Christ.
Correction cannot equate being unshaken

When Shadrack, Misheck, & Abednego were put in furnace,
The soldiers and ropes that tied them got burnt
The three were not burnt, not even smelled smoke
Son of Man came and joined them in the furnace
Protecting them from all harm
Audience was amazed and glorified God

God could have put off Nebuchadnezzar’s fire
But allowed Misheck, Shadrack & Abednego to taste it.
God awaits for an opportunity from us
A firm position of faith
For God to use as platform to do an extraordinary thing

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