Jesus used to visit Martha, Mary, Lazarus home
Since it was near Jerusalem
Jesus could not pass by that home
He visited the family many times
The entire family were His close friends Luke 10:42

Their father Simeon had leprosy, and was cured
Mary was a prostitute and was cured
Lazarus had died and was resurrected
Martha was complaining, and delivered
Hence many good things were done at this home by Jesus

Martha behaved like a kind woman, very hospitable
She ensured the table was well arranged
She wanted visitors to be well received
And entertained with food and drinks

Mary sat at the feet of Jesus listening to Him
Martha was worried that Mary was not assisting her
She accused Mary to Jesus, blaming her as wrongdoer
Martha expected Jesus to advice Mary to help her

Jesus replied, Martha, Martha, very politely, gently
John 11:5 Jesus loved Martha, Mary and Lazarus
He acknowledged all efforts by Martha
He recognized Martha as anxious,
Anxiety suggests that you don’t trust your helper

Phil4:6 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything
Make all your requests known to God, and the peace of God
that surpasses all understanding will abound in your heart in Christ Jesus
There was no need for anxiety since Jesus was in the room
Martha failed to recognize and seize this opportunity

Some people are quick to accuse others
Philippians 2:14 “do everything without grumbling and arguing”
Martha was doing great service but she grumbled and argued
Martha started seeing mistakes of other people
She even complained why Jesus was not seeing Mary’s bad conduct

Moses missed getting to Canaan for not glorifying God
When Israelites asked for water Moses argued that himself
and his brother Aaron could not give Israelites water
God was angry with this response
They were punished severely

Martha looked at herself as doing something for Jesus
She did not look at what Jesus had done for her
Anybody can fall into a trap of reminding God what we have done
Justifying our deeds before God, self righteousness
Reflecting and thanking God for His deeds on us is greater priority

Mary was not lazy, she was the first to discover the risen Christ
Implying she woke up early, before everyone else
Mary anointed Jesus with precious oil bought of a year’s wage
How many in our generation can give annual savings
To God’s work?

Mary chose the right gift which could not be taken away from her
She chose to go and sit at the feet of Jesus
It’s wise to reflect whether we have CHOSEN to follow Christ
All our earthly toils and gains will soon come to nought
Only our choice of Christ will endure forever

Nobody could deny us our eternal inheritance through Christ
“At the feet of Jesus” denotes humbleness,
Acts 22:3 Paul used to sit at the feet of Gamaliel
To be taught about Jewish teachings
Implying he humbled himself before Gamaliel

People who sit at feet of Jesus are humble, obedient to God, and all leaders
Psalms 27:4 David desired one thing, to dwell in God’s house, all his life
Mary followed Jesus all the time
Philippians 3:13 Paul forgot the past and followed Christ
Mary forgot hospitality for visitors and chose to hear from Jesus

Only one choice is required, to sit at the feet of Jesus
And everything else will go well
Nothing will get lost
Grumbling and arguments are unnecessary
Like Mary, let’s choose to stay at the feet of Jesus

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