God’s inflicted pain


How does God speak?
He first speaks through His word, through a preacher or a testimony
Or at second level through a messenger
Or through a dream while asleep

When we don’t hear God, we pull away from His will
God is the mighty shepherd and sheep hear his voice
If we ignore words of God’s voice or vision
We discourage God’s wish to move us to the next level
Beware of being entangled to the noises of the world
We can’t hear, since the noises are an obstruction

When we don’t hear God, He moves to the next level
He touches our bodies, businesses
Normally, we easily turn to God when trouble calls
We fast and pray, but the pain in our bones get worse

God also talks through diverse pain
Humans are quick to attribute the pain to the devil
We rebuke continuously, not knowing the source of pain is God
God cannot rebuke Himself

God allowed satan to proceed and tempt Job
Had God not allowed satan to proceed
Job would not have been inflicted
Satan is helpless and cannot reach us
Unless God allows him to

Let’s re-look at the pains we experience every day
Some of the pains are inflicted by God (Job 33:14-28)
To save us from the pits of death

Humanity in most cases wish to run away from responsibility
Blaming other people and satan for our pains
God speaks in our problems
Lets listen to inner voice in our problems

Jonah disobeyed God, avoided going to Nineveh (Jonah 1:1-12)
When running away, in the middle of the sea,
God sent turbulence, and was getting worse
Colleagues in the ship were very worried, each prayed
They threw their luggage to the sea
There is great loss when God goes for you

God knows us in person
God normally does not give details
It’s upon humanity to search ourselves
To understand our areas of concern to God

God defended Israelites in all means
He could drop stones to kill their enemies
Even send wasps to attack enemies
But when they attacked Ai, God was angry
Though a small town, Israelites were killed
God gave little detail,
Only said “there is sin in the camp”
Joshua had to search his men to address sin
When this was addressed, order was restored
And Israelites continued winning battles

Wherever we hide from God, He pursues us
We hide in our business, God points at it
He can make it crumble
Jonah hid in the ship basement and slept
God made other sailors to suffer, He was keen on Jonah
The sea could not calm till Jonah came out

The Captain went round the ship, found Jonah asleep
Asked Jonah to join others in prayer
But Jonah did not pray, he knew he was responsible
Psalms 139, God knows you cannot hide anywhere
God knows people try to run away, but He will smoke us out

God is keen on His church, which He bought with His blood
He did not die so that we could be rich,
God is keen on the glory He bestowed on His Son
He died so that we could reflect his Glory
If we do otherwise, God will chase after us and destroy us
We shall be sick in the body, family, businesses, farms,
God can make the sky not to produce rain

Reflect on troubles we are going through
Explore what the real cause of the problem could be
Could something have gone wrong in terms of our relationship with God?
God directs our businesses to prosper, our farms to produce
Caanan was very productive, but only when Israelites were obedient to God
When they revolted, Caanan was desolate

When Israelites were leaving Egypt, they were given many riches
God’s favor was with them, every Egyptian wanted to give them something
But when they revolted, their friends became their enemies

Whenever we are crying, let’s take time to reflect
We have constant ache in your bones
We have prayed and have been prayed for by others
If things are moving from bad to worse,
Reflect on our first love with God

Those old days, we were so close to God, we could feel it
Today we could be so busy with ourselves, family, business,
Ask God for the message behind the storms
Don’t be quick to rebuke the devil, there may not be one
It’s God reminding you to go back to the first love

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