Examinations, this man made yardstick
Determinant of cognitive retention
Demonstration of understanding
Also application of learnt staff

Listening to concepts and facts
From the ‘learned one’, the teacher
Tends enjoyable, especially if it tickles
With ones interests
But exercises to practice
Are a bit stressful

Come the exam time
The ‘learned one’ announces
That what’s learnt is enough
For the level entered
But it’s time for learners
To demonstrate, having learnt
Individually, in a timed period

Ambush is rare, but evident
Exam timetables diffuse ambush
Some questions uphold ambush
No matter how one prepares
Scoring excellent is rare
Ambush with concocted questions
Constitutes fun for the ‘learned one’

You ‘learned one’, the privileged one
With authority to ask questions
And only your questions matter
Why can’t you allow me to set
My questions and answer them?
Isn’t that a measure of learnt staff?
How comes it’s only your staff that matter?

You ‘learned one’, do you understand
The strain, stress, sleeplessness
Fatigue, uncertainty, eagerness
That accompany exam preparations?
To satisfy your secret questions?

You ‘learned one’, why ignore
That some have lost their mind
Relieved themselves on their clothes
Miscarried or being hospitalized
Due to exam anxiety?
Some people are ashamed
Of narratives of their reflex responses
That expose innate combat
That’s what your questions do

I thought exam anxiety is for higher classes
Till I met lower kindergarten pupils shaking
That exam is coming and are unprepared
I thought kindergarten staff was easy
That young ones do not suffer
From ‘learned ones’ exams
How mistaken I was

The narratives after examination
Expose barely the trickster-ism
Associated with examinations
Even simple questions look twisted
To confuse learners, or make them innovative?
To demonstrate understanding
And application of concepts
That’s the essence of education
To liberate and transform the mind

Yet if one fails to take the exams
The society judge them harshly
Consider them deficient of bargaining power
That certificate acquired after success in exams
Is loaded with social global power
To secure employment and contracts
It ascribes power and authority

So, is it wise to hate examinations?
Should abhorring them be promoted?
The best option is to conceal my position
The social system has entrenched it deeply
The only discussion entertained on this matter
Is improvement not discarding it
Generations prescribing to this social discourse
Must live with the pros and cons of it
Till a radical transformative alternative discourse
Takes root and prevails, as a better option

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