Most important one

The trinity comprise of the three persons
God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ
And the invisible Holy Spirit
The Holy Ghost is gentle
He is not any lesser than God the Father or Jesus

There are three things that bear witness in heaven (1John 5:7-8)
The trinity, and are never in competition
Never in conflict, but abide as one
In the beginning God created the earth
It was void and without form, a formless earth
The Holy Spirit moved over the formless earth

If we fail to acknowledge Him
Fail to recognize Him
Fail to invite and involve Him
Fail to allow Him to lead and guide us
We deny ourselves the Trinity’s power
Holy Spirit is the power of entire trinity
His absence means there is no power
Jesus promised, Holy Ghost is power (Acts 1:8)
Powers believers to witness Christ locally and globally

Close fellowship is demanded with the Holy Spirit
We are the generation of the Holy Spirit
Jesus said that after going away, He will ask the Father
To send us the Holy Spirit to be our comforter (John 14:16)
Jesus described the Holy Spirit as the most important
Jesus had to go, for the most important to come
The Holy Spirit came to take over

Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit
…. to be tempted in the wilderness (Mathew 4:1)
He emerged victor
When Jesus was baptized in River Jordan, God spoke,
…. but Holy Spirit descended on Jesus (Mathew 3:16-17)
Jesus had not performed any miracle
…. before Holy Spirit came upon Him in river Jordan
Those guided by Holy Spirit do exploits

Whatever Jesus did, he was powered by the Holy Spirit
Our electronics are powered by unique systems
Smartphones are powered by Android, IOS, Microsoft etc
Holy Spirit powers the entire trinity
What powers you?

All prophets prophesied about Jesus
Jesus referred the Holy Spirit as most important
Its disastrous to regard the Holy Spirit as the least important
This is the generation of the Holy Spirit

John the Baptist praised Jesus
God praised Jesus
Many people praised Jesus,
Even blessed are the breasts that Jesus sucked (Luke 11:27)
Jesus praised the Holy Spirit

After Jesus left, His disciples were timid
Lived in fear, used to gather in a room
To avoid their Jewish persecutors
While gathered in the upper room
Tongues of Holy Spirit fire came upon them
Filled them with power, and city was bewildered
Peter, formerly timid, preached with courage
Thousands accepted salvation of Jesus Christ (Acts 2)

Those who make the Holy Spirit sad are in danger
God become their enemy and fights against them (‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭63:10‬)
Whoever says evil things against the Holy Spirit
Is blasphemy, will never be forgiven
It’s committing an eternal sin (Mark‬ ‭3:29‬)
All sins can be forgiven but not blasphemy on the Holy Spirit

Additional input from Sermon by Pastor Aaron Mutebi of Miracle Centre, Entebbe, Uganda on 10th March 2017

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