Behold anew

God is making things new (Revelation 21:5)
Many things blockade our progress
God is ready to make us have a fresh start (Isaiah 35:3)
This is the year to strengthen each other
We hold unto each other and move together
God is ready to do unto us good things (Psalms 40:1-3)
Let’s wait patiently for Him
Let’s walk together, we are a great team
We shall be victors if we walk with Christ
Our life is a gift, an opportunity, a mystery
Our life is an influence, to impact onto others

People have a lot of expectations for the new year
They look ahead to the freshness of the new year
Everything new is refreshing (Rev21:1-5)
People wait for it with a lot of eagerness
People are ever eager to get new things
The blessings of God are new every morning
There is always new gift from God every morning
The same happens every year

As long as the present heavens and earth remains
There will be seasons of good things and seasons of bad things
There will be seasons for sorrow and happiness
Seasons to cry and to laugh, difficult and tough times
Times to celebrate and to mourn
But each day our salvation time is fast approaching
It is now nearer than ever before

Whenever there is a new thing, there must have been an old thing
There is a new heaven and old earth (Isaiah 65:18)
Old earth was crated in Genesis
Old heaven is not where the seat of God rests
Paul talked of the third heaven
When God created heaven and earth, He said they were good
They were not contaminated with sin
With the fall of Adam and Eve, the devil ruled the earth

Whatever circumstances we are in is temporal
We should invest more on the heavenly things
Where the investment cannot be destroyed
God has a new plan (Isaiah 43:18-19)
The current earth is temporal and wears off
It is not habitable by any new creation

The old nature is dominated by sin and suffering, disease, strife
Jealous, rebellion and rust (Rev 21:5)
The former things will disappear and will not be remembered again
This earth will not be remolded, recycled
It will be entirely replaced
It will pass away, with the tricking of an eye (2Peter3:10)
Everything will be burnt, our houses, vehicles, all investment
Everything will melt with the new heaven

The new heaven will remain in front of God forever (Isaiah 66:22)
This new heaven and earth will be perfect
They will have unmatched perfection
The new heaven and earth will be there forever
It will be filled with righteousness (2Peter3:13)
Everything therein will be new
There will be no disease, hunger, poverty, inequality
Unrighteousness shall not be welcome in heaven (Rev21:27)
Jesus is our only hope in getting to heaven (1Timothy 1:1)
All who are in Christ are a new creation (2Cor5:17)

5 thoughts on “Behold anew

  1. Dear Daktari, Thank you so much for such an inspiring message, indeed we should hold each other and move together in 2018, i give you my unreserved support and collaboration to move my Ministry forward. God bless you abundantly. Mamo ________________________________________


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