Moulded daily

We are an ongoing work for Christ
Christ is doing new things in us every day
Salvation is free, but one has to work out for it
In insurance industry, we are asked to declare specifications
Of the things to be insured
Since terms and conditions apply
For a vehicle, one needs correct switches, locks, tracking devises
Any violations renders the insurance invalid

God is moulding our character daily
Jesus Christ is our model, our specification
Humanity is to be remodeled to the image of Christ
It’s only God who can remodel us to the image of Christ
All of us in this world are expected to bond to Christ
And bond with all in Christ, to become the church of Christ

All of us shall assemble in heaven
The character that is being moulded in us is Christian character
When all practicing Christian values meet in heaven
We shall all be alike (Rev 14), and shall walk with Jesus

A mould is unique for each item and is applied to a certain number of items
All items made by same pattern look alike
With Christianity, God does not change the template
We are from the same template, all humanity
All Christians are the same in the eyes of God

A porter always dismantles pots that do not fit the preset template
God is the master porter, moulding us the way He wants
He will only give us that which will give glory to His name
It pleases God when we remain righteous (Ezekiel 18:24)

If a righteous man walks away from righteousness
He will never be remembered again
If a sinful man repents
His sinfulness shall never be remembered
God wants us to serve him in righteousness

Everyone has a role in sanctification
The one who started the good work will bring it to completion
Joseph was a righteous man (Genesis 39)
His character would never let him sin against God
He knew God was working inside him

Process of sanctification is not completed in one day
Every day, Jesus continues to mould us
We are work in progress
There is no way we can hear God if He does not live in us
The Lord knows that we cannot make it on our own
It’s the Holy Spirit in us who hears God
He gives us the joy and strength that we need on our journey
And tells us what God wants

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