Passover, the sacred feast

Passover softened pharaoh
After prolonged defiance
After death of first borns
Of animals and humanity (Exodus 12:1)

Four hundred years captivity
Eighty years prior
God prepared liberation
For Israel

Moses was born
In tormentors times
Hebrews boys condemned
To death at birth

Moses released in a basket
Into Nile River
But God saved child Moses
He grew in Kings palace

For 40 years, with the King
Never disclosed he was Jew
Thereafter for 40 years
He escaped to Jethro

In the wilderness
Jethro trained Moses
To be a shepherd
A leader and priest

God called Moses and Aron
Sent them to fellow Israelites
Angel of death would pass at night
And pass over blood stained pillars

Every family to slaughter a goat
Burn whole, eat all
Families to team up for feast
Remaining meat and bread to be burnt

Meat to be eaten with bitter herbs
And unleavened bread
To avoid bloating
During the long walk

Leavened dough bloats bread
Makes bread spongy
With lots of open space
Deceptive shape, not real

Bitter herbs,is constant reminder
Of painful experiences, hard labor
Last meal in slavery, very symbolic
Fitting with departure from Egypt

Eat meat, unleavened bread
And bitter herbs, while dressed
With shoes and walking staff
Ready to leave Egypt

All have sinned and fallen short
Of the glory of God
Sin bloats, destabilize us
Wages of sin is death (Romans 23)

Jesus came without blemish
Died for all us
To deflate us from sin
To make us intact with Him

God is passing again
Only blood of the lamb
Sprinkled in believers heart
Could escape angels vengeance

Paul discourage Christians from
Being like leavened bread
Deflated by sin
Tainting Christian character

Christian Passover is every day
We don’t know the hour or minute
Lies, unrighteousness, sin
Will attract God’s vengeance

(Romans 6:22-23)
We are free from all slavery
We have eternal life
Precious gift from God
If we sustain unleavened lives

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