Naaman was a famous, courageous man
His King respected him much
But he had reprocy
That disgraced him (2Kings 5:1-15)

His army had captured a Jewish girl
Who stayed with Naaman
She knew her master had a problem
Whose solution was available in Israel

Servant girl shared with her master
Naaman’s wife obeyed her
Naaman also obeyed her
The king obeyed her
Fellow servants obeyed her

King wrote letter to King of Israel
To heal Naaman of his leprosy
Israel king was very furious
Argued he had no history as healer

But Elisha called Naaman
Told him to dip seven times
In the polluted river Jordan
He was hesitant, then obeyed

Naaman’s servant girl became popular
She was like king
She made the king proud
Naaman was now clean, courageous general

That which we consider of less worth
Is of great significance
Servants convinced Naaman
Obedience made him clean

Humility and obedience
Are great life values
Both are sure resources
To tap and unlock our blessings

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