Corona virus, God sent whip

Corona virus, the new buzz word
New virus, a recent emergent bug
Harmless to wild fauna, lethal to humans
Infects lungs, makes them fibrous
Reduce respiratory surface

Corona Virus infection has killed thousands
Through fever, coughing, shortness of breath
But elderly and immune-suppressed more vulnerable
No cure yet in sight, but toll remains severe
Negative economic impacts are beyond imagination

Exponential rise in infections globally
Sent shockwaves everywhere
Governments pronounced prohibitions
Lockdowns, curfews, travel restrictions
Mandatory quarantine for all suspects

No groupings, wash hands regularly with foaming soap
Sanitize surfaces, maintain appropriate social distance
Avoid touching face, eyes, nose and mouth
Cough to cloth or to bent elbow, not openly
Stay at home, work from home, don’t loiter

Spiritual dimension of Corona virus, confounds
God has chased away all believers from worship places
God has influenced governments to declare
No communal worship, avoid congregating
As earlier case studies showed spike in infections

God’s whip is harsh and severe to offenders
Where this happened in past, God was angry (2 Kings 6:24-29)
Or simply sought to demonstrate His greatness
Possibility of God’s anger with current humanity
Cannot be a farfetched consideration

Everybody has been sent into hiding
At home, alone or with family members
Regardless of status, position or religion
Rest one accidentally contracts the killer virus
Rendering one inactive, or at blink of death

Even leaders, now issue orders from hideouts
Worship leaders prepare sermons in empty theatres
Everyone now communicates to followers online
Everything is now transacted on virtual space
Only limited face to face contact is encouraged

It’s possible God is not happy with mankind
He is sending a strong message, of rejection
Favoring sincere worship directly from followers
You recall, the temple curtain split at the middle (Luke 23:45)
Everybody was given access to seek God’s face

Corona virus has denied leaders’ access to the flock
Flock has scattered, worship at home, hiding
Protocols are now relaxed, genuine worship upheld
Family as the basic unit of the church is the key player
God’s glad plan, till normalcy returns, only God knows when

Author: Ayub Macharia, 29th March 2020

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