Innovative Environmental Education Methodologies book

Scanned front cover of book Scanned Back PageNdaruga A.M. (2013) Innovative Environmental Education methodologies: Case study analysis of practice. Manilla Publishers, Nairobi. 173pp


About the book

Environmental educators have a challenge of ensuring that their practice lead to acquisition of knowledge, skills, change of attitude, and leads to participation in appropriate action. Diversity of methods are at their disposal, but most educators employ weak methods that do not end up with appropriate environmental activities.

This book provides an overview of environmental education for sustainable development methodologies and justification for use of each approach. It also provides eight case studies of how educators used these methodologies in different contexts.

In this book, you will learn why and how to:

  1. Diversity environmental education for sustainable development methodologies and reflect on their theoretical underpinnings
  2. Consider people’s perceptions in environmental education programmes development
  3. Develop and optimize teaching, learning and practical action in an overenrolled class
  4. Use posters optimally and innovatively in environmental education
  5. Optimize use of institutional based clubs to promote environmental sustainability
  6. Enhance use of special environmental days to create awareness and promote practical environmental sustainability actions
  7. Work innovatively with local communities
  8. Review and develop academic programmes and courses on environmental education for sustainable development
  9. Use e-learning as a collaborative tool in promoting learning for sustainable development

These case studies have been published in diverse journals or presented in conferences by the author. Hence the case studies are a collection of research data and ideas from the author, which has been corroborated and enriched with comments from other experts within the community of practice.

Get yourself a copy of the book @KES 1000 from the following outlets

1. Kenyatta University Bookshop
2. Chania Bookshop next to Kenya Cinema at Nairobi City Centre
3. Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI) Bookshop
4. Nature Kenya office at the Nairobi Museum
5. Kenya Museum Society Shop at Nairobi Museum

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