Everyone yearns to be loved
Love makes us happy
Love excites
Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is gracious
Love rehabilitate sinners
Love perseveres
Love forgives
Love is merciful
Love respects
Love is emotive
Love rejoices in goodness
Love does not pretend
Love nurtures warm relationships
Love is not jealous
Love does not boast
Love is not proud
Love is not self-seeking
Love is not easily angered,
Love keeps no record of wrongs
Love does not delight in evil
Love rejoices with the truth
Love always protects
Love always trusts
Love always hopes

Mark 12:28-31
John 13:34-35
1Cor 13:1-3
Romans 12:9

Where there is no love we get:

Love of money
No respect
Negative energy

….among others


Most important one

The trinity comprise of the three persons
God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ
And the invisible Holy Spirit
The Holy Ghost is gentle
He is not any lesser than God the Father or Jesus

There are three things that bear witness in heaven (1John 5:7-8)
The trinity, and are never in competition
Never in conflict, but abide as one
In the beginning God created the earth
It was void and without form, a formless earth
The Holy Spirit moved over the formless earth

If we fail to acknowledge Him
Fail to recognize Him
Fail to invite and involve Him
Fail to allow Him to lead and guide us
We deny ourselves the Trinity’s power
Holy Spirit is the power of entire trinity
His absence means there is no power
Jesus promised, Holy Ghost is power (Acts 1:8)
Powers believers to witness Christ locally and globally

Close fellowship is demanded with the Holy Spirit
We are the generation of the Holy Spirit
Jesus said that after going away, He will ask the Father
To send us the Holy Spirit to be our comforter (John 14:16)
Jesus described the Holy Spirit as the most important
Jesus had to go, for the most important to come
The Holy Spirit came to take over

Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit
…. to be tempted in the wilderness (Mathew 4:1)
He emerged victor
When Jesus was baptized in River Jordan, God spoke,
…. but Holy Spirit descended on Jesus (Mathew 3:16-17)
Jesus had not performed any miracle
…. before Holy Spirit came upon Him in river Jordan
Those guided by Holy Spirit do exploits

Whatever Jesus did, he was powered by the Holy Spirit
Our electronics are powered by unique systems
Smartphones are powered by Android, IOS, Microsoft etc
Holy Spirit powers the entire trinity
What powers you?

All prophets prophesied about Jesus
Jesus referred the Holy Spirit as most important
Its disastrous to regard the Holy Spirit as the least important
This is the generation of the Holy Spirit

John the Baptist praised Jesus
God praised Jesus
Many people praised Jesus,
Even blessed are the breasts that Jesus sucked (Luke 11:27)
Jesus praised the Holy Spirit

After Jesus left, His disciples were timid
Lived in fear, used to gather in a room
To avoid their Jewish persecutors
While gathered in the upper room
Tongues of Holy Spirit fire came upon them
Filled them with power, and city was bewildered
Peter, formerly timid, preached with courage
Thousands accepted salvation of Jesus Christ (Acts 2)

Those who make the Holy Spirit sad are in danger
God become their enemy and fights against them (‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭63:10‬)
Whoever says evil things against the Holy Spirit
Is blasphemy, will never be forgiven
It’s committing an eternal sin (Mark‬ ‭3:29‬)
All sins can be forgiven but not blasphemy on the Holy Spirit

Additional input from Sermon by Pastor Aaron Mutebi of Miracle Centre, Entebbe, Uganda on 10th March 2017


Examinations, this man made yardstick
Determinant of cognitive retention
Demonstration of understanding
Also application of learnt staff

Listening to concepts and facts
From the ‘learned one’, the teacher
Tends enjoyable, especially if it tickles
With ones interests
But exercises to practice
Are a bit stressful

Come the exam time
The ‘learned one’ announces
That what’s learnt is enough
For the level entered
But it’s time for learners
To demonstrate, having learnt
Individually, in a timed period

Ambush is rare, but evident
Exam timetables diffuse ambush
Some questions uphold ambush
No matter how one prepares
Scoring excellent is rare
Ambush with concocted questions
Constitutes fun for the ‘learned one’

You ‘learned one’, the privileged one
With authority to ask questions
And only your questions matter
Why can’t you allow me to set
My questions and answer them?
Isn’t that a measure of learnt staff?
How comes it’s only your staff that matter?

You ‘learned one’, do you understand
The strain, stress, sleeplessness
Fatigue, uncertainty, eagerness
That accompany exam preparations?
To satisfy your secret questions?

You ‘learned one’, why ignore
That some have lost their mind
Relieved themselves on their clothes
Miscarried or being hospitalized
Due to exam anxiety?
Some people are ashamed
Of narratives of their reflex responses
That expose innate combat
That’s what your questions do

I thought exam anxiety is for higher classes
Till I met lower kindergarten pupils shaking
That exam is coming and are unprepared
I thought kindergarten staff was easy
That young ones do not suffer
From ‘learned ones’ exams
How mistaken I was

The narratives after examination
Expose barely the trickster-ism
Associated with examinations
Even simple questions look twisted
To confuse learners, or make them innovative?
To demonstrate understanding
And application of concepts
That’s the essence of education
To liberate and transform the mind

Yet if one fails to take the exams
The society judge them harshly
Consider them deficient of bargaining power
That certificate acquired after success in exams
Is loaded with social global power
To secure employment and contracts
It ascribes power and authority

So, is it wise to hate examinations?
Should abhorring them be promoted?
The best option is to conceal my position
The social system has entrenched it deeply
The only discussion entertained on this matter
Is improvement not discarding it
Generations prescribing to this social discourse
Must live with the pros and cons of it
Till a radical transformative alternative discourse
Takes root and prevails, as a better option

The robe

When we reach heaven, we shall give an account
Of our walk with Christ
The angels await the completion of the work of Christ
The world is full of people washed by the blood of Jesus
When we reach heaven, the heavenly beings will celebrate
The newcomers, redeemed people from earth

Zachariah 3:1-6
Earthly conceived righteousness is imperfect in the eyes of God
It’s filthy and unacceptable
Nobody can enter the holy place wearing filthy garments
Devil will always accuse us when we wear filthy garnets
They are a disruption to the heavenly party
Only those with heavenly garments of righteousness will survive

Mt 22:1
We have been invited to the banquet of Jesus Christ
The function is due any time, Jesus’s call is impromptu
Jesus is the owner and giver of the wedding gown
It cannot be counterfeited, designer is the Holy Spirit
All of us in the world wear the same gown
It is the one that brings us together, our identity

Colossians 3:12
Our earthly garments have special prescriptions on how to care for them
Even laundry cannot be done outside the prescriptions
When prescriptions are ignored, quality of the garments may deteriorate
Our robe of salvation requires special care,
Love, heart of compassion, kindness, lowliness, meekness,
Long-suffering, forbearing one another, and forgiving each other

All Christians must posses the robe of righteousness
The robe cannot be given from any other source, only Jesus
We must allow Jesus to have his way in us and clothe us
Without the robe of righteousness, we’ll not enter heaven
But perish in eternal lake of fire with satan
Ever cry, gnash teeth in pain without peace forever

It’s about Jesus Christ


The gospel is not about us, but Jesus Christ
Preachers and believers only proclaim Christ
Salvation cannot be found anywhere else, but in Jesus Christ (2Cor 4:1-7)
Jesus Christ is the image of our invisible, living God
He died for us, carried our sins away
Eternal life hinge on the blood of Christ
No one can get eternal life but through Jesus

We are Christ servants
Our mandate is to tell others about the love of Christ
Telling people what He is capable of doing
We should not commend ourselves but Jesus Christ
We do not take pride about the many followers
All power and honor belong to Christ
When we uphold His name, He pulls many to Himself

Jesus was there from the beginning
Jesus knew his roadmap and milestones to save the world
Jesus sat in the heavenly panel that decided to create man
He knew man would sin, that the devil was there
When man was made, rulership was given to him, not to satan
We must therefore give honor to Christ
He is the only hope for sinners

Satan wants to separate us from God
The God we know and believe in
So that God could leave us and satan would have his way
Jesus is the way to heaven
He is the bridge connecting us to God
We cannot reach heaven if not through him

Great names are given to some people on earth,
Great earthly names are inconsequential without Jesus
There is no other name above that of Jesus (Phil 2:9)
You need Jesus to make your name great
We need Jesus more than anything else

Believe in your heart, confess with your mouth and you will be saved
Confession is about Jesus and what he is able to do
We need to call His name when in need of anything
The blind will see, deaf will hear, sick will be healed, sinners will be saved
We need to speak about Jesus in everything we do, as our first action
We alone cannot make it,
With Jesus everything is possible

God’s inflicted pain


How does God speak?
He first speaks through His word, through a preacher or a testimony
Or at second level through a messenger
Or through a dream while asleep

When we don’t hear God, we pull away from His will
God is the mighty shepherd and sheep hear his voice
If we ignore words of God’s voice or vision
We discourage God’s wish to move us to the next level
Beware of being entangled to the noises of the world
We can’t hear, since the noises are an obstruction

When we don’t hear God, He moves to the next level
He touches our bodies, businesses
Normally, we easily turn to God when trouble calls
We fast and pray, but the pain in our bones get worse

God also talks through diverse pain
Humans are quick to attribute the pain to the devil
We rebuke continuously, not knowing the source of pain is God
God cannot rebuke Himself

God allowed satan to proceed and tempt Job
Had God not allowed satan to proceed
Job would not have been inflicted
Satan is helpless and cannot reach us
Unless God allows him to

Let’s re-look at the pains we experience every day
Some of the pains are inflicted by God (Job 33:14-28)
To save us from the pits of death

Humanity in most cases wish to run away from responsibility
Blaming other people and satan for our pains
God speaks in our problems
Lets listen to inner voice in our problems

Jonah disobeyed God, avoided going to Nineveh (Jonah 1:1-12)
When running away, in the middle of the sea,
God sent turbulence, and was getting worse
Colleagues in the ship were very worried, each prayed
They threw their luggage to the sea
There is great loss when God goes for you

God knows us in person
God normally does not give details
It’s upon humanity to search ourselves
To understand our areas of concern to God

God defended Israelites in all means
He could drop stones to kill their enemies
Even send wasps to attack enemies
But when they attacked Ai, God was angry
Though a small town, Israelites were killed
God gave little detail,
Only said “there is sin in the camp”
Joshua had to search his men to address sin
When this was addressed, order was restored
And Israelites continued winning battles

Wherever we hide from God, He pursues us
We hide in our business, God points at it
He can make it crumble
Jonah hid in the ship basement and slept
God made other sailors to suffer, He was keen on Jonah
The sea could not calm till Jonah came out

The Captain went round the ship, found Jonah asleep
Asked Jonah to join others in prayer
But Jonah did not pray, he knew he was responsible
Psalms 139, God knows you cannot hide anywhere
God knows people try to run away, but He will smoke us out

God is keen on His church, which He bought with His blood
He did not die so that we could be rich,
God is keen on the glory He bestowed on His Son
He died so that we could reflect his Glory
If we do otherwise, God will chase after us and destroy us
We shall be sick in the body, family, businesses, farms,
God can make the sky not to produce rain

Reflect on troubles we are going through
Explore what the real cause of the problem could be
Could something have gone wrong in terms of our relationship with God?
God directs our businesses to prosper, our farms to produce
Caanan was very productive, but only when Israelites were obedient to God
When they revolted, Caanan was desolate

When Israelites were leaving Egypt, they were given many riches
God’s favor was with them, every Egyptian wanted to give them something
But when they revolted, their friends became their enemies

Whenever we are crying, let’s take time to reflect
We have constant ache in your bones
We have prayed and have been prayed for by others
If things are moving from bad to worse,
Reflect on our first love with God

Those old days, we were so close to God, we could feel it
Today we could be so busy with ourselves, family, business,
Ask God for the message behind the storms
Don’t be quick to rebuke the devil, there may not be one
It’s God reminding you to go back to the first love


Jesus used to visit Martha, Mary, Lazarus home
Since it was near Jerusalem
Jesus could not pass by that home
He visited the family many times
The entire family were His close friends Luke 10:42

Their father Simeon had leprosy, and was cured
Mary was a prostitute and was cured
Lazarus had died and was resurrected
Martha was complaining, and delivered
Hence many good things were done at this home by Jesus

Martha behaved like a kind woman, very hospitable
She ensured the table was well arranged
She wanted visitors to be well received
And entertained with food and drinks

Mary sat at the feet of Jesus listening to Him
Martha was worried that Mary was not assisting her
She accused Mary to Jesus, blaming her as wrongdoer
Martha expected Jesus to advice Mary to help her

Jesus replied, Martha, Martha, very politely, gently
John 11:5 Jesus loved Martha, Mary and Lazarus
He acknowledged all efforts by Martha
He recognized Martha as anxious,
Anxiety suggests that you don’t trust your helper

Phil4:6 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything
Make all your requests known to God, and the peace of God
that surpasses all understanding will abound in your heart in Christ Jesus
There was no need for anxiety since Jesus was in the room
Martha failed to recognize and seize this opportunity

Some people are quick to accuse others
Philippians 2:14 “do everything without grumbling and arguing”
Martha was doing great service but she grumbled and argued
Martha started seeing mistakes of other people
She even complained why Jesus was not seeing Mary’s bad conduct

Moses missed getting to Canaan for not glorifying God
When Israelites asked for water Moses argued that himself
and his brother Aaron could not give Israelites water
God was angry with this response
They were punished severely

Martha looked at herself as doing something for Jesus
She did not look at what Jesus had done for her
Anybody can fall into a trap of reminding God what we have done
Justifying our deeds before God, self righteousness
Reflecting and thanking God for His deeds on us is greater priority

Mary was not lazy, she was the first to discover the risen Christ
Implying she woke up early, before everyone else
Mary anointed Jesus with precious oil bought of a year’s wage
How many in our generation can give annual savings
To God’s work?

Mary chose the right gift which could not be taken away from her
She chose to go and sit at the feet of Jesus
It’s wise to reflect whether we have CHOSEN to follow Christ
All our earthly toils and gains will soon come to nought
Only our choice of Christ will endure forever

Nobody could deny us our eternal inheritance through Christ
“At the feet of Jesus” denotes humbleness,
Acts 22:3 Paul used to sit at the feet of Gamaliel
To be taught about Jewish teachings
Implying he humbled himself before Gamaliel

People who sit at feet of Jesus are humble, obedient to God, and all leaders
Psalms 27:4 David desired one thing, to dwell in God’s house, all his life
Mary followed Jesus all the time
Philippians 3:13 Paul forgot the past and followed Christ
Mary forgot hospitality for visitors and chose to hear from Jesus

Only one choice is required, to sit at the feet of Jesus
And everything else will go well
Nothing will get lost
Grumbling and arguments are unnecessary
Like Mary, let’s choose to stay at the feet of Jesus

Bright star

Bright stars require humans to wear a mask to observe it.
Mask hinder experiencing real light.
Sin masks us from experiencing God’s glory

The glory of God makes us radiate brightness
We are transformed into God’s likeness.
Any shortcomings diminishes the brightness

When Jesus hang on the cross,
The curtain veil at the temple split,
Nothing blocks us accessing God’s treasures and new glory

Those that have received Jesus Christ
Have been given power to become sons of God.
Not just born naturally but also spiritually

Love is a command from Jesus and is not negotiable
We should love even our enemies and pray for them
That God extends His favor to them

God is so loving and ready to attend to our trivial concerns.
His commitment is to satisfy us,
Also sustain our joy and peace now and forever

People have bad tendency to give excuses,
And blame others when some fail to perform assigned tasks
We loose precious time in worthless arguments

God’s standards are fixed and not negotiable
Humanity should be wise to comply.
God will never demote Himself to fit in human standards

Those walking with Jesus are just, loving, humble,
Prayerful, truthful, righteous, fearless, depend on God,
They don’t gossip, are careful, hate evil


When we abandon God’s ways
He allows us to be captured and tormented
By other authorities and powers
Who even compel us to worship their gods and statues
Nebuchadnezzar was a great leader in biblical past
He captured Israelites for disobeying God

When we seek God with all our heart,
We have fellowship with Him and confidence
Daniel was able to tell Kings dream when everyone failed,
He was God’s friend (Daniel 2)

As a result of Daniel’s interpretation
Of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (Daniel 2)
The King decided to erect a golden statue
Similar to what he dreamt, but made of gold
Intended everyone to worship his statue

In worshipping the statue, Nebuchadnezzar
Knew the power of religion in integrating people
He wanted a single religion for Babylonians
And all captured states, including Israel
To be in full control of the country

Nebuchadnezzar, held a meeting attended by dignitaries
To promulgate & worship golden statue (Daniel 3)
Everybody was to worship the statue
All who disobey to be thrown into a hot furnace

Shedrack, Misheck & Abednego, were foreigners
They chose to be vegetarians, to serve their God
On assessment, they were rated healthier
Than those who ate King’s meat.
God’s blessed diet is best (Daniel 1)

Despite King’s threats, the three refused to worship idol (Daniel 3)
They candidly expressed their dissent to the King
Declared readiness to face any consequence
Had faith in God even if He opted not to rescue them

Many opportunities to glorify God are lost
When we fail to stand firm on our faith in Jesus Christ.
Correction cannot equate being unshaken

When Shadrack, Misheck, & Abednego were put in furnace,
The soldiers and ropes that tied them got burnt
The three were not burnt, not even smelled smoke
Son of Man came and joined them in the furnace
Protecting them from all harm
Audience was amazed and glorified God

God could have put off Nebuchadnezzar’s fire
But allowed Misheck, Shadrack & Abednego to taste it.
God awaits for an opportunity from us
A firm position of faith
For God to use as platform to do an extraordinary thing

Narrow way


The narrow way goes to heaven
The wide way leads astray
Jesus advices we go by narrow way
Wide way okays everything, even evil
God is holy, cannot fellowship with evil
Restricting ourselves from evil is the narrow way

Narrow way cannot allow many people to pass
Only one person without any luggage
Sin is baggage restricting our passage through
Entertaining evil blocks us
From passing through Gods approved path
Narrow way is the only way to salvation

Spiritual vision


How do people see? Are physical eyes able to see everything?
Not at all, physical eyes are restricted to specific wavelength ranges
Hence, we have limitations in exploring our physical world
Many things remain unknown to man

The spiritual world is also real and demands unique ways of sight
It requires spiritual eyes
Sight is through inspiration, revelation, visions
Physical and spiritual sight are different
Each gives a unique report

One of names of God is “One who sees”
What kind of eyes does God use?
David asked God to open his eyes (Psalms 118)
What is this extra thing that David wanted to see?

Ballam was on his way to curse the Israelites (Numbers 22:24-34)
On the way, the donkey could see god’s angel holding a sword
Prophet Ballam could not see the angel
The donkey tried to run away from the angel
Donkey pressed Ballam on the wall
Angel covered the whole path, donkey knelt on the path
Ballam was angry and whipped the donkey
Till the donkey spoke to Ballam
Ballam did not find anything unusual with donkey speaking his language
He spoke to donkey too and donkey responded
Till God opened Ballam’s eyes and saw the angel
Ballam was instructed not to go to curse the Israelites

Gen 20:19 Haggah agreed to have a relationship with Abraham
He got a child, and was later chased away
She carried water, but it ran out, kept child aside to die
She cried for God’s help, and her eyes were opened
She was able to see water and child survived

Luke 24 disciples of Jesus were walking to Emmaus
Jesus joined, walked and discussed with them,
They reached their home, Jesus broke bread
Their eyes were opened and Jesus disappeared

We talk a lot about Jesus, his miracles, goodness, greatness
But many of us have been walking blind
Ask simple questions like ” what is Jesus telling you to do/not to do?”
Many have no idea
When we disobey God, we lose connection with God

What makes us not to see?

1. Sin – whether Hagga had many reasons for what she did, she was blind
2. Traditions – the routine, culture, status quo may not help us to say no to ungodliness. Traditions make us compromise Godly ways.
3. Disobedience – to word of God, church elders, parents, spouses
4. Fear – we are unable to evangelize 2Kings 6:6 servant of Elisha Gehazi was blind and feared the great army. Elisha had to pray that God opens Gehazi’s eyes to see the great army of God on their side.

When eyes of brethren are opened, they see and speak great things
Spiritual eyes enables us to see the power of God
We are able to face challenges with courage
We see and own deliverance of God
We are able to behave differently

The ‘cross’ resolve

Paul was determined to know nothing among Corinthians (1Corinthians 2:2)
But Jesus Christ and him crucified
All people have areas they have prioritized
Entrepreneurship, relationships, sacrament among others
Paul reminds us to be conscious of why we do what we do
To fulfill God’s purpose for us on earth

All about life is to glorify God, all of us should prioritize it
Paul was fearful, since it was criminal to talk about the cross
People would have considered Paul a criminal,
Him not the main criminal but Jesus Christ was
His crime was that He carried our sins

Jesus was frogmarched in town, like a criminal
Jesus had no sin, He just carried ours
Jesus was sinless, He volunteered
Jesus was the most deserving
Jesus was committed to His vision

Our work is to guide people to the cross
When they reach there, Jesus will sort their challenges
Our earthly knowledge can dilute the message of Christ
Whoever we meet, let’s direct them to the cross

Let’s be passionate when explaining about the cross
Jesus blood shed on the cross was extremely precious
Paul made this message of the cross the core theme
Every of Paul’s message primary emphasis was crucifixion of Jesus
He knew if people reached the cross, all ills would disappear

Let’s not look at the gains we get from doing what we do in church
Let’s avoid “I, me and myself”
Everything God has given us is for His Glory
When we fail to talk about the cross, we are lost
Whomever we meet, direct them to the cross

Our resolve should be like Paul’s,
To build all our arguments on victory of Christ
Nothing can wash away sins than the blood of Christ
No other name can save other than Christ
No hope for sinners other than on the cross

Great Easter

During Easter, we remember Jesus sacrifice
Shedding blood on the cross for our sins
Before crucifixion, he took bread and shared it (Luke 22:14-19)
He took the cup, gave disciples to drink it
He directed disciples to continue doing this for remembrance

Easter is a great day in the Christian calendar
Because of this day all investment by Christians
Tangible and intangible assets are justified
The change we see in Christians can be justified
Even praying to God directly, calling God our Father

During the Lords supper, Jesus shared bread and wine
Then His heart became heavy with worries
He asked his disciples to accompany him to pray
He prayed till drops of blood came from His body
While disciples were overcome by sleep

Devil wanted to delay and do away with the God’s final plan
Jesus prayed that God may remove the cup from Him
It was tough, Jesus asked God “Why have you forsaken Me?” (Mathew 26:48)
After Jesus prayed, an angel came and comforted Him
And He was able to face the cross calmly

The precious blood of Jesus was shed for us
That is our motivation
We cannot remain blameless if not by blood of Christ
The blood of Jesus makes us righteous, in earth and in heaven
We could have died from face of God

Wages of sin is death, Jesus volunteered to die for us
Our task is to ensure Christ is glorified in all we do
When difficulties come, only Christ can comfort us
In everything, determine to look for Christ and the cross
Not the symbolic cross, but willingness to glorify Christ


Jews feared that resurrection of Jesus would occur
They tried everything to block it
They placed a huge rock barrier on the tomb and sealed it
They commissioned soldiers to guard the tomb
However on the third day, Jesus resurrected
Because of resurrection, Christians have new hope
They have the gift of the Holy Ghost, and new life
Jesus set free all who were in bondage
Jesus made the dead to resurrect



Blessed are those in unity, oneness
God hates division, those united are blessed
Blessings of longevity and peace follow them
We can’t be in division, while Trinity is united?

There is no God for certain people
He is there for us all, hence let’s be one
We are one family, same origin, parents
All bought with precious blood of Christ

God deserves righteousness, inner purity
Which breeds acceptance and love for one another
What would make us serve in God’s house eternally?
Only respect for God’s will and obeying His commands

We serve God in different geographical localities,
Our fellowship in Christ binds us all in oneness
If we do not appreciate each other on earth
How shall we live with each other in heaven?

Walls that separate us should sublimate
There should be no barriers among us
Our divisions result from minor social misconceptions
Not founded on the Word of God

The saints who lived before us enjoyed life
Read and shared similar promises we live in today
Lived and preached oneness, unity of purpose
They look at us, await to share victory with us soon

Transformative call

A call by Jesus is sufficient, to make one leave everything
He is able to transform one from a fisherman to a fisher of men
Fishing men is more profitable, fulfilling and blessed
Their heavenly compensation is great

Blessed are them who tire, hunger and thirst for righteousness
Righteousness perseveres till eternity
Righteousness breeds purity of heart, inner peace
It transforms one to be courageous, to stand persecution
The righteous cannot give in to torture meant to uphold evil

Those ahead of us, the saints, were persecuted and won
Whatever they had was devoted to expanding the gospel
Their actions likens to a trademark within their locality
They brought glory to God through talk and deeds

Righteousness is the transformative key to the world
It’s the salt, making the world sweeter, livable
It aligns appropriately to God’s blessings
It glows, albeit like a star, a lamp on a lamp stand or on the hill top
Very appealing to the eyes of God

Salvation brings light in the hearts of men
It makes one become a light, the salt
The acts of saved people are cherished
They are children of the light, the salt
For whom is the salt and the light?
For Gods glory, and blessings to humanity

Likewise ourselves today, let’s reflect on our deeds
God has bestowed numerous blessings to us
Wisdom, strength, resources, relationships, among others
That youthful age is a gem, appealing to the world
Avoid using it for self edification, to intimidate others
All should be used for glorifying God

Coming back to our senses

In Luke 15, Jesus talked about the lost sheep, lost coin and lost son. A person had 100 sheep and one got lost. The owner was disturbed and left the 99 to look for the lost one. When a sheep gets lost it can’t say it and you can’t know where it is. It may be lost, relaxing or tired. If left alone it may be attacked by wild animals.

An old woman lost a coin and the old lady was disturbed. The coin could not say where it was. The old woman searched for it and when she found it, she made merry.

The lost son asked for his inheritance earlier than expected. After getting the money the young man left for a far away country. He spent all his money with friends, till he had nothing. The friends then laughed at him. He sought a job to feed pigs and due to hunger, he felt like eating pig feeds. At this point he came to his senses and realized that his fathers servants were well treated and had enough food to eat.

He remembered the riches in his father’s home and how the servants were well treated. He made a decision to go back to his father, repent and request to serve as a servant.

This man is no more today, but we have his story and need to realize that many are lost. A parent cannot deny parentship even for a rogue child.

The problem of the young man was hunger. People have many other challenges besides hunger.

God is our father. We have been lost. If an earthly father could be compassionate with his son, welcome him and kiss him, how else would our God behave. God is ready to embrace us if we come back to our senses, go back to Him and repent. Let’s not assume that since we are sinners, that our verdict is only to wait for hell.

The Bible assures us that “For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life.”‭John‬ ‭3:16‬ ‭GNB‬‬. God is ready to receive us back, even as we consider ourselves as great sinners.

Jesus proclaimed twice in this chapter that “In the same way, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over 99 respectable people who do not need to repent.”

In the same way, I tell you, the angels of God rejoice over one sinner who repents.”‭‭Luke‬ ‭15:7, 10‬ ‭GNB‬‬

Calming the storm

Jesus preached the whole day to multitudes and it was evening. He told His disciples to cross to the other side. When He entered the boat, he slept since he was tired. In the sea a great storm came and hit the boat hard to a point that the disciples were scared that they’d capsize and die. But Jesus lay comfortably on the cushion (Mark 4: 35-40)

The disciples asked Jesus “don’t you care that we are in a strong storm and are about to die?” Jesus woke up and calmed the storm.

The human life is full of storms such as disease, poverty, hunger, business and marital challenges. Of course amidst the storms, we continually pray. Daniel was in similar storms where he prayed fervently but his answers were held by the demons.

In this life, when storms come, whom do we call? People place a lot of trust in many things such as children. Some people call their parents, friends, workmates, spouses and others. These people may not be useful at all times, they may not be able to handle some of the challenges. But God is able to handle any challenge if only we call upon Him. Let Jesus be your first point of call when challenges come our way since He will immediately calm the storm.

Whom do you trust? Where does your help come from. Psalms 121&124 says it comes from The Lord. God never slumbers and will never allow our feet to slump. God always observe and think of us. He’s our shelter from scorching sun, from our life’s challenges. He will never allow us to faint, or to be discouraged.

As you walk from and back to our residence, He will be with us
“……………. The Lord is with you when you are with Him. If you seek Him, He will be found by you, but if you abandon Him, He will abandon you.” (‭2 Chronicles‬ ‭15‬:‭2‬ HCSB)

Benefits of endurance

Therefore, since we have been declared righteous by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. We have also obtained access through Him by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. And not only that, but we also rejoice in our afflictions, because we know that affliction produces endurance, endurance produces proven character, and proven character produces hope. This hope will not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us. (‭Romans‬ ‭5‬:‭1-5‬ HCSB)

We should be proud of the hardships we encounter. Whatever we utter, there are other things we do not say which are automatically implied. Be real since the life we are in is full of hardships. Some face trouble and hide themselves like proverbial ostrich that hinds it’s head in the sand and get consumed by predators.

There is a saying “no pain, no gain”. While passing through learning institutions, we do many tests and exams. Exams are usually not easy, they give people hard times, stress. Exam time is not celebration time, it makes one uneasy. One has to work hard (pain) to pass (gain) those exams.

In this life, we go though many trials and temptations. These hardships come to make us better. You cannot endure unless you have gone through hardships.

Buddhists say “life is problem”. But we need to know who pulls us out of problems. It’s not us but God. God says he will make all our problems bring us blessings. When you walk with God, all our problems will be turned into blessings. There is no weapon fashioned against us that shall prosper. God holds those evil, dangerous weapons before they reach us, converts them into blessings and gives it to us. This way we are safe and never harmed.

All weaponry such as disease, enemies, poverty, among others are directed our way by the devil. God holds all evil and convert it to blessings and gives it to us. When Jesus touches something, He makes it good. Jesus went to Nine’s home, touched the dead boy and he regained life. He did the same to Lazarus and Jairus daughter. Jesus is life and resurrection.

When we know what Jesus does, we will be compelled to yearn for more hardships as this implies more blessings. If we want to receive blessings, we must be ready to endure pain. We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose. (‭Romans‬ ‭8‬:‭28‬ HCSB)

Pastor Waigwa was admitted to study in the USA on a scholarship. He was on a stipend of USD 200 per month. This money was not enough to feed himself and a family of three children. The family was very prayerful. One day, the family had no money to support themselves, and could have gone hungry. Pastor Waigwa, fearing what to tell the family, went to the university library. After the library hours, he went home and continued reading. Not that he was grasping much from books, but that was the only thing they could do.

Later that evening, some members of the church visited Pastor Waigwa. They reported that they had a church meeting and resolved to support Pastor Waigwa with USD300 since he had a family and none was employed. They pleaded with Pastor Waigwa to accept the money, which they did, knowing that it was an answered prayer. They never went hungry a single day.

Are you ready to embrace hardships when they come. Jesus came so that we can have life abundantly. Our bodies are Gods temple. Jesus says, I will build my church and gates of hell shall not prevail against it. We are God’s church, we have Jesus assurance that we shall be victorious.

We need to pray always, and to have a great reserve. We also benefit from prayers of brethren. God’s response to our prayers may tally, but we need to wait patiently. God will respond at His own appropriate time.

Hardships will make us increase our faith. David went to war front just when Goliath was blaspheming God’s name. He asked to be allowed to face Goliath. David explained to Saul how he killed wild animals which attacked his father’s sheep. He was convinced that God who saved David from wild animals would save him from Goliath. David’s courage was built from the difficulties he faced in the wilderness while grazing.

Hardships will make us increase our praises to God. When we remember where God has drawn us in terms of hardship, we can’t praise enough, thanking Him for what He has done. David praised God till his clothes fell down, remembering his turbulent journey, facing wild animals while grazing, facing Goliath, facing Saul’s madness and many others. David had a lot to thank God for, he praised God wholeheartedly till clothes fell.

Looking at our peers, we faced similar challenges. Some of our peers are drunkards, prostitutes, or in jail. Some are leading lifestyles one would detest. Us who God has secured have every reason to praise God.

Hardships give us confidence and audacity. Our God is faithful and never leaves us. God always attends to our needs.

Inspiration by Dr Solomon Waigwa

Small sins

God gave Moses Ten Commandments (Exodus 20). He stressed importance of obeying the law of God. God stressed that they should speak, reflect and practice them always.

2Samuel 11:1-5 encourages us to beware of small, minute sins. Don’t court them, they will destroy you. David failed to be at the right place in Spring season. Spring time was appropriate for war since there was enough grass and food for horses. David failed to go to war with Ammorites and stayed behind. One day, he walked on the roof, saw a beautiful lady bathing. He called for her, made love to her and she got pregnant. David called Uriah the husband from war, and asked him funny questions. David gave him permission to go home, but twice Uriah failed to go home. Uriah refused to go home, he knew Spring was a time for war. He gave him a letter to take to Joab the army commander. The letter requested that Uriah be assigned to tough war zone, so that he could be killed.

David heard of the death of Uriah, he didn’t say anything. When Bethsheba heard her husband was dead, she mourned him. After mourning, David married Bathsheba, and everything looked okay. But before 9 months, Nathan the prophet came to David. In a word of prophesy, Nathan condemned David for killing Uriah, to be left with his wife. David accepted his sin.

We learn several lessons from David’s incident. David was idle – he should have been at war. He conceived and concealed a small sin. It started with a desire and he went ahead, and broke 4 commandments namely coveted, committed adultery, killed, falsely accused others for killing Uriah.

When we break one commandment, you break all (James 2:10). In the eyes of people, he looked okay. David ignored the little sins. In life, there are many little things people do such as stealing, jokes, cheating among others, but these normally grow into full blown sin. There is a big difference between David and others, he repented. David misused privileges given to him by God. David forgot what God had done. He gave himself excuses just like Saul did.

Excuses help to cover sins. When sins are confessed, they die. God commended David as a person after His heart. Psalms 51 David offered a prayer of repentance. He asked God for mercy. He knew God deserved inner purity that comes from the heart. David was weighed down by sin.He was an example for the vile man.

We are better when we confess our sins. Proverbs 28:13 says, he who conceals his sins will not prosper Isaiah 6:5 reminds us that my mouth speaks unpleasant things. In Luke 5:8, Peter fell on feet of Jesus and confessed he was a sinner. We should crowl to the feet of Jesus and seek forgiveness. 1Timothy 1:15 Jesus came to save sinners and Paul confessed he was a great sinner.

Inspiration by Bro Moses Kinya